I play with aging off, but all of my Sims have a birthday that corresponds with their zodiac. I don’t have fixed dates, it is more like start of winter, middle of winter or end of winter, since I never know when I will play a Sims and I try to have them have their birthday when I play them.

I don’t age up the Sims to the next age stage on their birthday though, they only age one day.

So I age them up on their first birthday, I make a note in the biography of the toddler then, because since babies lifespans can’t be set lower than two days I skip one birthday for the toddlers to make the age right again.

Toddlers age to children on their 4th birthday.

Baby: 0-1 years old

Toddler: 1-4 years old

Children: 4-12 years old

Teenagers: 12-18 years old

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