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Biology Major

Snow’s university has a big biology department and several of my Sims study biology there.

Christoph at the beginning of his first semester.

For this I am using a modified version of Rachel’s Sims2 university major careers.

As long as the metric smileys are not green, my Sims have to keep studying, with books, skill objects and the Online Center Mod.

When they have got the necessary skill they have to complete a sememster project. For First Semester biology that is to grow their own plant.

If they manage all that before the semester is over, they move on to the next one.

Playing a doctor

Some might remember my attempts of a playable hospital. However that was more locking my Sims in quarantine than actually playing a doctor and I have always wanted more.

There are a lot of great Mods out there that provide a great framework and Twallan gave us a really flexible awesome disease system with Vector that can be added to with just XMLs.

So I played around with making a new disease for Vector and I can now actively play my doctor 😀

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Elementary School

I wanted my children to have to learn skills while growing up.

My gameplay is quite slow and I have set the skill gain in NRAAS Relativity to very slow (between 0.01-0.1) as well.

At the beginning I used a list of skills and determined how well the kids did with that, using MasterController to set the right grade before aging them up, but that was a lot of work.

So I made some custom school careers for NRAAS careers, which basically tell me what to do.

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Biology Department

The biology department consists of two parts. Inside the university building there is a lab, mostly to train students. And then there is the another one a bit down the road right next to Professor Kitai Talani and Professor Katleen Mobai’s house.

Here plants are grown and studied. With the help of genetic experiments, the researcher search for plants yet unknown. (To actually use the plants they have grown I am using my Make Seed Mod which adds an immediate interaction to turn a fruit into a seed).

The lab at the university building is further split into two parts: the botany lab and the ichthyology lab.

This is were the biology students are instructed.