Elementary School

I wanted my children to have to learn skills while growing up.

My gameplay is quite slow and I have set the skill gain in NRAAS Relativity to very slow (between 0.01-0.1) as well.

At the beginning I used a list of skills and determined how well the kids did with that, using MasterController to set the right grade before aging them up, but that was a lot of work.

So I made some custom school careers for NRAAS careers, which basically tell me what to do.

Each summer the children move on to the next class.
Everytime they max out the metrics of one Grade
(they get all green smileys),
they move on to the better grade and therefore harder challenges.

The grade they have when the summer holidays start is their grade for that year and I am keeping it in the past careers tab (I delete the other ones because it becomes too much)

Some skills are fixed, so they have to have a basic understanding of logic, writing and painting in elementary school, but for some of the other requirements my Sims can mix and match the skills they want, they are added together.

Here is an overview of my custom school system:

My children do not vanish in a rabbithole for school, I am using Zerbu’s Ultimate Careers .
Also due to my rule that most actions have to be performed autonomously by the Sims or they have to roll a wish, some of my Sims are not very good students^^

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