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Some might remember my attempts of a playable hospital. However that was more locking my Sims in quarantine than actually playing a doctor and I have always wanted more.

There are a lot of great Mods out there that provide a great framework and Twallan gave us a really flexible awesome disease system with Vector that can be added to with just XMLs.

So I played around with making a new disease for Vector and I can now actively play my doctor 😀

For now I only reworked the Common Cold. It comes in three flavours that all get treated differently, as you can learn from using the Research disease function on a computer.

First set up a place for your doctor to practice. With Zerbu’s Ultimate Careers he can go there instead of work in a rabbithole.I have a doctor’s office in Aurora Snows, if I can figure out how to get Vector to accept Store and Custom Moodlets Snows Haven will have a hospital, otherwise also a doctor’s office.

So far my doctor’s office has libary as a lot type. Let me know if you find something that works better.

Sims that are ill (they have the “Are you contagious” Social) get treated. Pregnant Sims get the gender of the baby determined by the doctor and also get vaccinated, all other Sims get vaccinated. So how do I treat patients?

Lillian Lazol is visiting the doctor.

Carly the receptionist notices she seems a bit out of it. (Watch the Sims for signs of illness. See if you can ask them if they are contagious to find out if they are sick at all)

Hen has a room for research and making medicine where he makes the plant extracts for treatment. Requires icarus_allsorts Mod .

Back to Lillian.

To keep waiting Sims from just entering the rooms, I keep them locked until it is their turn. Hen then calls them over.

He called Lillian to the room and talked with her.

She was yawning, so Hen knew he could use Buzzberry to help her.

Aroma therapy is a great way to treat Sims. As it only requires a fireplace, firewood (Woodcutter’s Tree by ani_sims) and a bit of medicinal herb.

After Lillian is treated Hen can move on to his next patient.

His research shows that Sims that feel cold and are shivering should be treated with Ghost Chili.

Ghost Chili cannot be used for aromatherapy, so how can Katleen be treated?

Well Hen made some medicine.

Which he can now bring to Katleen. (Using another of icarus_allsorts Mods.)

With MasterController on the Town Hall under Settings -> Hot Keys. You can have a shortcut to MasterController commands.

Very useful for this are Invite Over (Filter for the Germy Moodlet for example) and Go Home.

Go Here is also great for this, as you can use Door Filters on the front door.

With Testing Cheats enabled you can Spawn Doctor job situations. I only really like the vaccination one, but that is a great way to get your town vaccinated and more resistant to diseases (the common cold can’t be inoculated against though).

Hen’s mother came over to get vaccinated.

When I play other families and they get sick I will sent them to the doctor as well. I will probably switch to my doctor quickly then and treat them.

In case I don’t always want to do that the treatment rooms also have some medicine stored there.

So here is the changed Common Cold:

NRaas Vector I fixed a tiny little error in the code, so this is Version 20 and you need this one.

My disease remove the VectorMinor package if you have that.

Tunings 1 Herbs no longer work raw and need to be of at least Nice quality to have an effect. Call over works for lower and longer distances. Used XMLS:



Tunings 2 removes “cheaty” and unrealistic effects. XML’s:













Keep in mind I just made this and have only tested it for two ingame days. So consider it a beta version.

Also I plan on adding more diseases in the future.

3 thoughts on “Playing a doctor”

  1. Wow this is so detailed! And well thought out, ingenious actually. I also love how you illustrated how to use it which is really helpful if you’re less accustomed to mods like this. I hope one day to try it!

  2. Love this. Plan to try it out in my Boroughsburg hood. Already built the hospital… so just to actually play. Will post an update on the NRAAS forum as well as my Tumblr @simshai91 when I do. Awesome job!

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